Welcome to the BFGC Podcast. Watching the worst films known to humanity, so you don’t have to. Here we aim to show you that, even Bad Films can be entertaining in Good Company. Not just those, no. Also in the viewing gallery will be films that failed at the box office, lesser sequels to greater films and ones that may only be perceived as being bad. Might even revisit those films we remember loving as kids, and see if our memories hold up.

Before anyone asks, we probably won’t cover those legendarily bad films, such as Plan 9 from Outer Space, or Manos: The Hands of Fate and so on, because everything than can be said about them, already has. Can we really do a better job than Mystery Science Theatre 3000?

We know that some of you will disagree with our choices, but hey… ain’t that what life’s about?

Who are we

Ben Oram

Ben is a lifelong fan of cinema. His earliest memory is watching the Death Star explode, at the age of 4, in a picture house in St Annes on Sea. From there he was hooked, consuming as much as possible.

He has a degree in Video Production and is, by his own admission, a failed filmmaker. There is no bitterness, however, as his failure is, mostly, his own fault.

Ben also puts his mind and mouth to stand-up comedy, having started rather late, perhaps as part of a mid-life crisis.


Simon ‘Foz’ Foster

Following a visit to his Uncles at the age of 10, and seeing his extensive video collection Simon was hooked. Not just watching them, but owning them as well.

On every major format, except Laserdisc, he has bought, traded and sold his way to an unenviable library, including the Godfather series on 4 different occasions. When the 4k version is released, it will join the collection. 

He is an accomplished musician, having gigged across the country in several bands, tribute acts, and now trying some solo work.


Between them, Ben and Foz worked their way through the libraries of, not one, but two video shops in their home town (the late lamented, Videorama and Oscars Video).

From the biggest, baddest blockbusters, to lo-fi, low budget experiments. The greatest triumphs of cinematic storytelling, to the confused, convoluted and just plain crazy. They watched them all, and when you’ve paid hard cash to rent a film you watch it all the way through. Unlike the days of Netfilix where, as it’s free and easy to get, you don’t care if you give up after 5 mins.

Over a 20-year period, they have praised and punished, toasted and trashed over a century’s worth of cinema. This was all in private, but now they share their thoughts and insights with you. Sometimes funny, sometimes not so much, but always entertaining.

Join Ben and Foz, alongside the occasional guest, as they delve through the terrible, the unwanted, and the misunderstood.

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