Episode #6 – License to Drive

In the late 1980s the two Coreys, Feldman and Haim, were the biggest teen idols. In The Lost Boys, they easily stole the limelight from actual star Jason Patric with their natural chemistry and easy going charisma. There was no doubt that there would be more to follow. And there was. They went to appear alongside each other in a total of 9 movies, a couple of TV cameos, and even their own reality show ‘The Two Coreys’. They shared a lifelong friendship that ended with the tragic death of Corey Haim in 2010, aged just 38.

The second of their films was the, misspelled, 1988 teen comedy License to Drive. It arrived at the end of the teen boom spearheaded by John Hughes. Gone are the soul searching questions of what it means to no longer be a child, but not quite an adult. In its place is a cheeky romp that is a more family friendly affair.

The rest of the cast is a veritable treasure trove of familiar faces. It features the very first film role for Heather Graham, who would go on to appear in films like Boogie Nights and Swingers, and TV shows like Twin Peaks and Scrubs. The kooky parents Carol Kane and Richard Masur have extensive film and TV credits and if you don’t recognise the names, you’ll known their faces. Nina Siemaszko is another familiar face, best known to TV fans as Ellie, one of the President Bartlett’s daughters, in The West Wing. Does this film pass the driving test, or is it doomed to get the bus?

Join Ben and Foz as they retake their tests to ensure their licence to drive does not get revoked.


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