Episode #5 – Masters of the Universe

The original cartoon series ran for 2 years from 1983, telling tales of He-Man and his friends, taking on the forces of the evil Skeletor. It was slightly controversial at the time, as it was little more than a jumped up toy advert. Minor tweaks were made to allow it to be shown, including those much mocked moral lessons at the end of each episode. They added an extra layer of charm to a colourful action packed cartoon, that fill men, and women, of a certain age with a nostalgic warmth.

1987 saw the release of a live-action film version. Super intelligent beefcake Dolph Lundgren was tapped to take the lead role. Being 6’ 5” and well built, Dolph physically embodies He-Man like no other actor of the time. The filmmakers turned to respected character actor Frank Langella for the antagonist Skeletor. His stage experience would bring gravitas to the spectacle. The film also has an early appearance from Courtney Cox, now better known as Monica from Friends. She plays an Earthling caught up in the battle of Good versus Evil.

Unfortunately, the film was made by Canon Films, who weren’t so much masters of the universe, more masters of over promising, then seriously under delivering. This film proved no exception, and every expense was spared in the making of the film. This was reflected in the poor reviews and box office. The movie failed to make back its $22m budget. It has since become quite a cult movie. Cult, however, can simply be another way of saying bad. Which is it in this case?

Join Ben and Foz on a road trip to Eternia to see Dolph and co. are up to being Masters or servants.


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