Episode #2: Highlander II: The Quickening

Released in 1986, Highlander was a global smash hit, and is well beloved amongst its fans. Critics at the time were particularly kind, but it did not deter audiences. Filled with iconic imagery, memorable characters, it’s a cool, centuries spanning action film. It made a star of its lead Christopher/Christophe Lambert, and reminded everyone why they loved Sean Connery. The memorable Queen soundtrack is almost as famous as their work on Flash Gordon. It works perfectly as a single film. The story and characters completed very nicely, with little in the way of plot holes.

Any film that’s massively successful will have the money men looking for an easy buck, and Highlander proved no exception. 5 years later a sequel, Highlander II: The Quickening, was unleashed on the public. Christophe Lambert reprises his role as Connor MacLeod, and also returning is Sean Connery, even though [SPOLIERS] he died in the first film.

Joining them are Virginia Madsen as the romantic lead, with the bad guys played by character actors Michael Ironside and John C McGinley. Not returning, however, are Queen and Michael Kamen, with soundtrack duties being taken over by Stewart Copeland, of The Police fame, and composer of The Equaliser theme tune.

Would lightning strike twice and conjure up the same Kind of Magic as the original? Join Ben and Foz as they travel through time to find out if there should be only one.


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