Bad Films in Good Company

Welcome to the Bad Films in Good Company podcast. Watching the worst films known to humanity, so you don’t have to. But we won’t only be looking at bad films. Also in the viewing gallery will be films that failed at the box office, inferior sequels to great films and ones that may only have a bad perception.

This is not about being a snarky hipster prick and tearing films apart for the hell of it. We will rip into movies, don’t get us wrong, but it’s more about embracing the fact that watching a rubbish movie with the right people can be good for your life. The hope is to discover whether Bad Films can be enjoyable in Good Company.

If you’re looking for a nuanced appreciation of Eisenstein and Goddard, or an in depth view on whether Citizen Kane revolutionised cinema you’re in the wrong place. If, however, you can see the depth of subtext in Commando, get brought to tears by Eric Roberts’ performance in the Best of the Best and don’t think the phrase “straight to video” is necessarily a bad thing… welcome.

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